Tai Chi Zero 3D 2012
2012, 1h 40 min.

Tai Chi Zero 3D 2012

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Tai Chi Zero 3D 2012

Storyline "Tai Chi Zero 3D 2012"

"Tai Chi Zero 3D" (2012) invites audiences into a visually stunning martial arts adventure set against the backdrop of ancient China. Directed by Stephen Fung, this action-packed film follows the journey of Yang Luchan, a young martial artist with a unique connection to the mystical art of Tai Chi.

Born with a rare condition that causes his skull to be extremely resilient, Yang Luchan is an outcast in his village. However, when he discovers the power of Tai Chi and its potential to defend against foreign invaders, he sets out on a quest to master the ancient martial art.

As Yang Luchan trains under the guidance of Tai Chi master Chen Changxing, he faces numerous challenges and adversaries, including the formidable Steam-Powered Machine, a mechanical monstrosity threatening his village. With the help of his fellow villagers and his newfound martial skills, Yang Luchan must harness the power of Tai Chi to save his home and protect the ancient art from falling into the wrong hands.

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