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How you can I download 3D movies in site?

You need register on TakeFile.Link please pay for the subscription. Download and enjoy. If you need more details read the instructions

Instructions how to download from - TakeFile

Why should you be Premium on our site?

By purchasing a Premium subscription through our website you support us and the creation of new 3D content, as well as you get:

- Access to a large database of 3D movies
- Maximum download speed
- Increase download size (512 GB every 2 days)
- You can download not only 3D movies but also any content on websites that use the same file storage

IMPORTANT: before paying for Premium, click on the link of the movie and pay from 1 device and don't delete the data in the address bar as it affects whether you buy from us or not!

How many 3D movies can I download?

Within a month you can download more 7 TB of movies.

All your downloads will always be available at USER DOWNLOADS

They will not record traffic.

My traffic is only 65GB. How can I increase download traffic?

Write to the support , tell them that you are a 3d-hd.com user, your traffic will be increased to 512GB per 48 hours.

Support from - TakeFile

Is There A Fee For Joining And Downloading?

You can download any file for free, but it's better to do it by buying Premium, it's faster and you help the site develop and add new 3D content for you. The file storage services offer 4 different plans:

$23.99 For 30 days
$35.99 For 60 days SALE 25%
$47.99 For 90 days SALE 33%
$119.99 For 365 days SALE 58%

USEFUL TIP: Buying for the long term is more profitable!

How do I pay for Premium access?

You can pay for any plan in a number of ways. Such as Visa/MasterCard, PayPal, Crypto and others 

Is our site a scam?

No. Why? Yes, because you can download any file at this site for free. Yes, many files are big and take a long time to download, but you can find a small file up to 10 GB and try to download. Also you buy a premium access to not our site, but to the file storage service, such services use other sites, where you can also download files, for example site 4k-hd.club also uses TakeFile. Remember buying premium you help our site to develop and continue to add new 3D content for you. Also, if you do not want to download illegal content from your IP, you can use a VPN service, it is safe

What is the quality of these 3D movies?

Every file 3D movie from the original blu-ray disc. Some of 3D movies on this site are in Half-SBS or Full-SBS. They are sourced from both the original 3D Blu-ray and releases are converted using the latest technology.

How do I make sure that the download is not interrupted?

You can use Internet Download Manager (IDM) or JDownloader to download files remotely. It will allow you to download files even when you are offline. 

What 3D format should I download?

It all depends on what device you want to watch a 3D movie on! 

If this is a 3D TV, you can download a Blu-ray file (provided that your TV has a 3D function) or SBS format if there is no 3D support.
Also if you want to watch SBS or OU format put the .mkv file on the USB and select Side-by-Side as the 3D format when you activate 3D mode on your TV. Only some 3DTV’s can play Full-SBS, so it is better to download Half-SBS if you are not sure what your 3DTV supports.

If on a VR device, then SBS format (1920x1080p or 3840x1080p).

How to extract data from an ISO file?

To access the files stored inside, you can extract its contents. To do this, you will need a third-party application, such as "WinRAR" or "7-Zip".

There are several ways to view an iso file (Blu Ray disc image), we will give you a few options!

Option 1 - Mount the disk image
You need to mount the iso file as a disk image via DAEMON tools (for example) to a disk or USB flash drive and play through a Blu-ray player with 3D or PlayStation3 support (with firmware) or with a connection to a 3D TV via an HDMI cable.

Option 2 - Play the m2ts file
Unpack the iso archive via WinRAR and find the BDMV folder and there find the largest file in size, then play it through the VLC player (sometimes you need to manually change the file type to m2ts)

How can I watch 3D movies?

You can watch 3D movies on any 3DTV, PC or VR.

If you have a 3DTV, 3D Projector or VR headset you will have a much better experience, however you can still enjoy 3D with a standard 2D display using the anaglyph method.

How can I watch movies on 3D TV?

To watch a 3D movie on 3D TV, you need three things:

- 3D-enabled sources - such as a Blu-ray player or TV transmission
- 3D-enabled display, such as an HDTV or projector
- 3D glasses - available at any theater 

How can I watch movies on 3D Projector?

You can play from HDMI to 3D Projector, again select Side-by-Side as the option when activating the 3D mode. Some projectors support direct 3D through HDMI using PowerDVD (Version 18 or under), this will allow you to view the full blu-ray resolution Full-SBS files.

How can I watch movies on 2D screen?

- Download Stereoscopic Player: (You will need Anaglyph (Red/Cyan) glasses)
- Download the Full-SBS or Half-SBS file.
- If you use Full-SBS select Side-By-Side (Left image first). Change viewing method to Anaglyph (Red/Cyan).

If you use Half-SBS select Side-By-Side (Left image first). Change format aspect ratio to half-width. Change viewing method to Anaglyph (Red/Cyan).

How can I watch movies on my PC?

For those who don't have 3D blu ray disk player equipment, you can watch 3D movies on your PC. Preferably your PC should have 3D technology (like ASUS ROG 3D). After downloading a movie in iso you need to convert it with Cyberlink Power DVD (this software is great for playing 3D on a PC). You don't need to do anything with mkv files, you can play them right away

Download Cyberlink Power DVD 17

Download Cyberlink Power DVD 18

Download Cyberlink Power DVD 19

PlayerFab v.

If you still want to watch the movie on a 3D TV, you can do the following (start the movie via PC with Cyberlink Power DVD but with the 3D TV connected as the main or secondary screen)

How can I watch movies on VR?

To view on a VR device, you need Half SBS 1920x1080p or Full SBS 3840x1080p. We recommend downloading Full SBS, but this format does not happen on all of our films (we are working on this). 

Download SKYBOX VR: (skybox.xyz) Open the 3D file, then select SBS mode.

Learn more about 3D formats here!

We have written out only the most common questions that our users ask us! If you didn't find an answer or want to offer your answer or find an error, then write to us in the chat or by email!