Avatar 3D 2009
2009, 2h 42 min.

Avatar 3D 2009

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Avatar 3D 2009

Storyline "Avatar 3D 2009"

Film 3d blu ray Avatar 3D tells us the story of how Jake Sully - a former marine, confined to a wheelchair - gets the task to make a trip to the base of earthlings on the planet Pandora, where a rare mineral is extracted that is of great importance for the Earth to recover from the energy crisis. Since Pandora’s air is toxic, an Avatar program has been created in which people's minds connect to an avatar, a remote-controlled hybrid derived from human DNA and DNA. Jake is the native inhabitants of Pandora. Jake's mission is to destroy for the extraction of mineral. Watch the 3d movie Avatar only in 3D

The idea of the film came up with James Cameron in the mid-90s. In 1995, he wrote an 80-page script, but the means to realize what was born in his imagination, then did not exist. The source of inspiration for Cameron was the 'books of science fiction he read as a child,' in particular the books by Edgar Rice Burroughs ('John Carter is a Martian') and Paul Anderson's 'Call Me Joe.'

In 2006, the script was rewritten: with a linguist and director of the Communication Management Center at the University of Southern California, Paul Frommer, Cameron developed an entire language and culture for Na'vi, the indigenous race of Pandora.

In the film Avatar 3D, Cameron used his own technology of 3D-shooting 'Reality Camera System' with two high-resolution cameras. Also used technology motion capture - capture with special motion sensors of actors and their subsequent digital processing. At the same time, the efficiency of the capture stage was six times greater than that used before, which allowed detecting the facial expressions of the actors. A technology was also developed that made it possible to see virtual characters along with live actors on the monitors during filming.

Non-virtual décor includes: A communication room, where sarcophagus resemblance is established, by which human consciousness is transferred to the avatar body, the Biolaboratory, the Control Center and the Armor Bay military bastion, where mobility suits and helicopters are stored.

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