The Bad Guys 3D 2022
2022, 1h 40 min.

The Bad Guys 3D 2022

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The Bad Guys 3D 2022

Storyline "The Bad Guys 3D 2022"

Mr. Wolf and his gang of robbers have been deftly pulling off all sorts of scams for a long time and consider themselves bad guys 3d blu ray. But for one particular thing they need to do the impossible, namely to become good. This check will be the most important for them.

A gang of brilliant criminals (Mr. Wolf, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Shark, Mr. Snake and Mrs. Tarantula) get involved in the main scam of life. The robbers decide to steal the Golden Dolphin statuette, an honorary prize awarded to the residents of the city for good deeds. However, the plan turns into a failure: thieves are caught red-handed and threatened with life in prison. To avoid imprisonment, the gang will have to learn how to do good deeds. Charming guinea pig Rupert Marmalade, a scientist with his own mansion, who seems to hide a lot behind a harmless appearance, will help them in this.

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